On the ancient island of Crete, which boosts of history & myth, Villa Octo stands on the edge of the sea providing amazing views of the deep blue. An earthy heaven for couples or families seeking a private & peaceful luxury retreat away from the hustle of daily life. Villa Octo was inspired & constructed as an environmentally friendly boutique residence with elegant & luxurious elements in order to offer a unique spiritual experience as far away as you can get from a large mainstream hotel experience. The villa artfully blends contemporary & traditional style to create an ambiance of tasteful sophistication- minimal selected furnishings, opulent interiors & lush exteriors with gardens & a private pool, always emphasizing the power & beauty of the endless sea.

Our aim is to provide a truly a genuinely personalized experience in a secluded private getaway with all the elements of the Cretan hospitality, the natural beauty & rich culture of the island & the tranquility that the sea offers with exquisite views from every corner of the villa. Villa Octo will dare you to release your senses & enjoy life in all its aspects.

As our identity expresses, the Minoan Octopus, we wish to symbolize the timelessness of the sea & its healing powers. This symbol was initially found on the Minoan ceramics establishing the power & knowledge of the ancient Cretans in the Mediterranean sea. Today we use it as a metaphor to reconnect with the sea, the traditional way of life & our spiritual side. In Greek OCTO is also the number 8 that is linked to spiritual perceptions. The 5 senses, the power of thought, the power of self-awareness & the subconscious. A symbolism that carries the serenity of the location and the balanced setting of the villa. Villa Octo thus aims to provide a carefree, luxurious environment for relaxation & recreation that is the definition of paradise.


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