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Historical sites scattered across the island reveal the history of the ancient Minoan civilization. The first ever European civilization. Beautiful beaches with incredibly blue waters, intriguing nature, mountainous villages with powerful cultural elements, museums, beautiful churches & summer festivals with local music are only some of the experiences that Crete has to offer.


What tops the experience is the authentic Cretan cuisine. Delicious, light, Mediterranean tastes that have been proven to offer the healthiest nutrition in Europe. «Don’t look for a pill that can substitute for the Cretan diet. There is no such thing». Serge Renaud, 1998. Based on this principle, the Cretan diet is still a factor of health and longevity not only for the Cretan people but also for the whole world. Indulge yourself in the local restaurants & dare to try your own recipes with the purest, freshest ingredients from the Cretan land.


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